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Northeast Software Services Inc. purchased the assets of Image Source and we have moved to our new location in North Chelmsford.

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Software Solutions

Software SolutionsWhen you are looking at a system to record and print on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs you can look at a simple robot with a recorder or two. That system will – most of the time – accept small duplication jobs and – most of the time - get them done. But haven’t we all moved way beyond that? Do you really want to go back to your first phone ?!?

Fortunately, Rimage has systems with over a decade of software development in them. Today, you can submit record and print jobs to a Rimage system from anywhere in the world with internet access, from a Mac or PC or any workstation or homemade computer with a web browser, check to make sure the printer has enough ribbon for your job, span your content over multiple discs if you so choose, design your own disc artwork or choose artist-designed templates, choose to record your files or records on to CDs, DVDs, or BDs (or all three) from down the hall or miles away, and we really could go on and on – but you get the idea.

And, if you want to connect your web shop or DAM or video editor to a disc making system, we can do that too. Want to know what never takes a vacation, never gets sick, never has a bad hair day, never has “issues” and can’t come to work? The Rimage Application Programming Interface. Do you have work that’s so important you can’t leave it to humans? We have the solution for you – integration – and we mean deep integration.

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Design - Burn - Print

Professional disc production made easy
Rimage's 1-2-3 workflow makes disc production easy for any user:

  1. Easily and quickly design labels using CD DesignerTM
  2. Record and Print your CD/DVD/Blu-ray discTM using QuickDisc or DiscFlow or WebQD.
  3. Monitor the status of your jobs using Rimage System Manager or WebRSMTM.


QuickDisc is an application that enables job preparation, submission, and monitoring. Easily select job type, drag-and-drop disc content, choose labels, preview, and submit. QuickDisc works on PCs – but don't worry if you have a Mac – just read on...


DiscFlow is a Mac application enabling easy job preparation, submission, and monitoring. Select your job type, drag and drop your content, choose your label, preview, and submit. How about a link here to the new DiscFlow PDF


WebQD is the latest member of the Rimage software family. WebQD allows you to submit record and print jobs from any computer with a web browser. No client software to support or load – all you need is the system address and a pdf file you want to have printed on top of your disc

CD Designer

CD Designer is an application for Windows® based operating systems used to easily design custom professional looking artwork that is printed directly on the surface of your discs. CD Designer lets you import graphics, merge data, photos, bar codes – and pretty much lets you put anything you can see on a screen on the top of a CD, DVD, or BD.

Rimage System Manager or WebRSM

WebRSM enables you to fully control and monitor your Rimage systems from anywhere on the network – or heck – even from home. Using WebRSM you can monitor status of your jobs, get accurate disc and media volume status, and control functionality.

Rimage Video Protect

Rimage Video Protect is ideal for anyone creating video DVDs, to protect against unauthorized duplication. RVP's proprietary DVD copy control technology helps film studios and production companies protect their assets. Copy controlled discs have full DVD playability matching that of unprotected DVDs. Menus, special features and extras remain unaffected.

Rimage ZIP Password Protect

Do you have content that needs to go out on a CD, DVD, or BD? And, do you want to make sure that only the recipient can view the contents? That's easy to accomplish – Rimage systems have ZIP password protection built into their workflow. You can use Rimage to encrypt and protect your data, photos, or videos at the highest level the federal government will allow

Rimage Archiver for P2 HD

Rimage Archiver for P2 HD is a fully integrated plug-in for offloading and archiving Panasonic P2 HD content and is exclusively available on Rimage ProfessionalTM and ProducerTM III series of Blu-ray disc and DVD disc publishers

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